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Selected credits: 


The Goodpie Girl                                      Lead

Runaways                                                 Lead

Mental                                                       Lead

Violets                                                       Lead

Thief of Night                                            Supporting

The Theatre Department (Pilot)                Supporting

Valentine's Day                                         Lead

Socks, The Web Series                             Co-Star



Teeth                                                         Constance/Rex

Romeo + Juliet                                         Peter/Balthazar

Your Mother The Tramp                            Arlene Adams  

Twelfth Night                                             Viola



Mel Mack Acting Studio-Acting for Film and TV

Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet Theater-improv, sketch comedy

Advanced Acting: Chekhov to Tarantino Caroline McGee 

Advanced Scene Study Reed Birney

Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts (ESPA) Jane Guyer: Fitzmaurice Class

The Linklater Center: Craig Bacon: Voice into Acting, Linklater Scene Study

Movement Theatre Studio: Richard Crawford/Craig Bacon: Scene Study, Linklater    

Anne Brady: Scene Study, Alexander, Linklater, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Heightened Language.

Michael Toomey: Clown, Stage Combat, Shakespeare

Laurence Drozd: Scene Study

BA Acting Binghamton University, Summa Cum Laude

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